Saturday, October 26, 2013

Delhi - The Heart of India


KERALA                                                               TO                                     NEW DELHI

First time I came Delhi on 30th September, 2012. Directly from Trivandrum to Delhi in Rajdhani Express Train. It was a nice experience to travel in Rajdhani Train first time.
I spent my 4 years of life in God's Own  Country, Kerala. One who stayed there can only know why it called so. The best thing there is the season and environment there. You will find whole year almost same type of weather, not too hot not too cold. During the rainy season these happens heavy raining for one month. hat is also a beautiful there. Bushes and trees (maximum coconut trees) grows rapidly and you will be happy to see green lush all around.
One will always have feel fresh and pure oxygen there.
By the grace of God I got placed in a multinational company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). hanks Kerala and CUSAT for this.
Then again for my initial TCS training, I got one more chance to spend 3 more months there, in Trivandrum. During the training I learned so many things and explored few new places there. After training I had to report TCS Delhi center.
I was feeling very uneasy to come Delhi. Whenever I was thinking of Delhi the first thing that was coming to my mind was rush, pollution, travel problem. So I was hesitating to come Delhi. Before this I did not visited Delhi ever before. But it was my job, so I have to report any way.
On 30th September, 2012 I reached Delhi with my friends Rahul and Sunil. Stayed first 3 days in Hotel provided by our Company in Green Park. In evening when I was travelling though the roads  I was missing Kerala. But after 2-3 days I started liking Delhi. Beside the rods tree were planted in both sides of the roads. It was looking green. I realized even though there are so many vehicles are running on the roads, pollution was very low. This was only due to the fact that all 3 wheelers and above vehicles uses CNG instead of petrol and Diesel.
 It is something different what I was expecting. Its nice.
Here in Delhi rush is a part of life. You have to find your way from this rush.
About travel problem Delhi already having solution for me, Metro. Metro train is one of the best part of Delhi. I love to travel in Metro. First time I travelled in metro in Delhi metro itself.
I started loving this city..

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