Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dos Commands to make bootable usb (Flash drive)

first make iso image of the file which you want to make bootable through flash
drive, if you have it allready then fine.
Just mount it to any virtual drive by any iso image mounting software. Insert the
pendrive. command prompt

write these

3.>diskpart (new dos window will appear--swith to new window)

4.>list disk (Shows the list of disks) disk 0/1/2/3/.. (In place of 0/1/2/3/.. write the disk sequance which is
of USB pendrive,just see the
size and recognize the pendrive sequance,,, let here a
variable "y")


7.>create partition primary

8.>select partition y


10.>format fs=fat32 ( wait till the flash deive is formatted....)


12.>exit ( go to old(main window)

13.>xcopy (source mounted drive letter):\*.* /s/e/f (destination mounted drive
letter(flash drive)):\

it will take time and when it is done ... you done it!!!

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