Saturday, November 9, 2013

Know your PC's complete details using nfo file.

What is a *.nfo file?

It is a file which on execution shows sysyem info which is directly and automatically liked with "msinfo32.exe" file the system. the msinfo.exe file rmains in sysem32 directory.

You can write any thing inside the nfo file, any thing but save it by giving the extention nfo file.

Whenever you see a *.nfo file and if you double click on it will shows the system information but if you want to see the text message you have to open it by notepad. never change default opening of the file. If you set to always open as notepad then you will never be able to see the system details by just double clicking over the nfo file.

By the way if you have set to always open with notepad and want to see the system details then open the run window and type "msinfo32.exe' and press enter. you will see a new window opening and showing different properties of the system

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