Friday, December 27, 2013

In which category do you fall??

(Think), (Act) or (Think + Act)

Never let the life flow as it is moving. Hold it and control it. 
There are always three type of living people-- 

One who think but does not acts, 
One who acts but does not think and 
One who think as well as act accordingly.

People fall in third category are always happy and are the most successful person.
People fall in second category are happy while acting, they enjoy the life at least for a short period.
People fall in first category are unhappy always. They hide their feeling in their heart instead of expressing it. 

Choose in which category do you fall. It is never too late, to change, this will bring smile in your face.
Before you realize its too late to act, start following these simple rules. Don't wait for the perfect situation, but take efforts to make the situation perfect and act.


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