Friday, October 23, 2015

How to use Beetel Adsl2 + Router-450TC1 as switch and Wifi router only

Once I had a problem that I had two ADSL Wifi Routers, one was connected to WAN (Phone line, since I was having Airtel broadband connection) but other one was extra. I wanted to use the extra one as wifi router. But I was not getting how to do this !!

After searching a lot in internet finally I found the solution.

Things required-
1. LAN cable to connect two routers.
2. desktop/Laptop

All below settings are changed in Extra modem. Do not change any setting in the primary modem which is connected to WAN.

1. Reset the extra modem to factory setting.
Steps to reset -
* Press the resent button. You can easily find it in back of the router. 
* Press the resent button and wait for 30 seconds while plugged in and cut the power while continue       to press it for next 10 seconds. 
* Now power on the router.

2. Now use LAN cable to connect router and your Desktop or Laptop. 

3. Now access you router by entering the address in your browser. It will connect you to the router.

4. Now change the default IP address used to access the router. Both router must have different address to access them. Generally it remain You can change it to

5. Now open the may be different, depends upon what you set in 2nd step above) in your browser. 

6. Under interface section choose bridge mode.

7. Disable to DHCP mode.

8. Change the Wifi name under SSID name and password under Pre Shared key.

9. Restart the modem.

All done..You must be able to access internet over LAN and wifi from secondary modem.

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